Cedar and Synthetic Roofing

Cedar Roofing

Cedar Roofing is the only form of roofing that adds strength to the structure. Cedar provides extra thermal insulation properties to the home, resulting in lower heat costs in the winter. Cedar is also highly resistant to winds, very durable, and long lasting. Cedar has natural moisture wicking properties and is an all-natural product with protection against mould and rotting.
Using a cedar breather under the cedar also extends the life of the roof.

Synthetic Cedar or Synthetic Slate

Synthetic Cedar or Synthetic Slate Applications are a more cost effective take on a classic cedar or slate look. These products are available in a variety of styles and colours.
Synthetic Shingles also known as composite shingles offer a durable, weather resistant, eco-friendly option and are made with 95% recycled materials reducing waste.
Synthetic Options are extremely weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations as well as offer protection against hail, cracking, splitting, cracking, mould, insect infestation, warping, mildew, and fungus.
Synthetic shingles are a lighter material and easier to transport and install.

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