Flat Roofing or Low Sloped Roofing

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Flat Roofing or Low Sloped Roofing

Flat Roofs can be found on a variety of residential and commercial properties.

Expertise and Workmanship are very important factors when choosing the right roofing contractor for your flat roofing needs. Buildup of snow and water can cause flat roofing to deteriorate sooner which makes careful application and attention to proper drainage from our roofers at Pitch Perfect a vital part of creating a longer lasting flat roof.

We Specialize in Modified Bitumen Flat Roofing/ Built Up Roofing (BUR)

Modified Bitumen systems are typically a two-ply or three-ply system with alternating layers of bitumen (Granulite available in a variety of colours). Bitumen displays a thermoplast quality as it is rolled out onto the base layers of the roof with a heat application.

Modified Bitumen roofing has additional elasticity, resistance to cracking and UV rays due to the rubber and elastomers added during production.

Our system includes a mechanically fastened Protectoboard as well as Vapour Barrier prior to the Mod Bit Base installation and is applied in a staggered formation between layers.

Benefits of Modified Bitumen Installation:

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